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Games List

The current plan for the LAN is to have it starting Saturday, November 20th, and ending sometime Sunday, November 21st. Commuters will certainly be free to stay overnight, or just never go to sleep. This is the weekend after finals week, so those people who don't have a job (like myself) may be playing all the way through the weekend. Spread the word to those that you feel would be down.

The following are all of the LAN playable games that I currently know that we have available. Please respond to this post with any extra games that you have with LAN capabilities that all of us will be able to install (if you know what I mean). Also respond with any of these games that you would be interested in playing at the LAN, I will bold any games that will probably be played so we can work out some kind of idea about that. Games with question marks I'm not sure about, but we can try them to find out if they'll work.

Games List:

Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate II
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield: Vietnam
Call of Duty
Civilization 3
Command and Conquer: Generals
Command and Conquer: Red Alert
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Counter-Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike: Source
Diablo II
Doom 3
Dungeon Siege
Ghost Recon
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Hotseat)
Icewind Dale 2
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Microsoft Combat Simulator (?)
Neverwinter Nights
Operation Flashpoint
Pools of Radiance (?)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Rise of Nations
Rome: Total War
Soldier of Fortune 2 (?)
Starsiege: Tribes
Strategic Command: European Theater
Tribes: Vengeance
Unreal Tournament
Warcraft 3
Warhammer 40k: The Dawn of War
Worms Armageddon (Hotseat)
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