The Infamous Nato (infamousnato) wrote in robotlans,
The Infamous Nato

Extended LAN Information

Alright, the LAN will be starting at 7PM on Friday, and will end sometime early Satruday morning. Please bring a headset, or headphones and a microphone if you have one, as I'll be hosting a voice communications server for the LAN this time. Speakers will be especially annoying with hearing people's voices in stereo.

A list of current possible attendees:
- Corey
- Stine
- Skitch
- Andre W.
- Various Robot House members
- Up to 4 WSU CoD players who Jeremy is on a team with
- Possibly a couple guys from my software engineering team
- Whoever else Seth may be inviting

As always, stay tuned to this group for any further details as they arise.
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I should be back around 9pm for whatnot.
Jeremy mentioned this to me today, and I would be able to come down for lan action if I can manage to find a ride down.
Consider it done.
Thanks a bundle Stine. What time were you planning on heading down that way on Friday? Let me know
I work until 1pm, so it is really up to you. I think we should leave somewhere between 4-6 so we can setup and get stuff ironed out and whathaveyou.

You'll be glad to know I don't need a bag for my computer anymore. Woowie!
excellent work stine. yeah leaving early sounds like a good idea to me since I will have to do some installing before I can start playing. how about we leave at 5?
I may have to purchase such a headset. I've been wanting to get one for awhile, but perhaps this is the push I've needed.