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The Infamous Nato

Robt LAN 1.1

This Friday, February 4th, there will be a second, smaller Robot House LAN here. It's kind of a thrown together at the last momemnt thing, and will only last Friday. If you're interested, remember to bring your computer, an ethernet cable, and also a chair if you won't be comfortable sitting in our lawn chairs all day. I'll try to get an updated attendee list sometime within a couple days, but no guarantees on such short notice. Games are undetermined at this time but will probably include some Warcraft III and Command and Conquer Generals, along with a couple action games we have yet to figure out.

For first time attendees:

Our address is:
660 South Main Street
Springboro, OH, 45066

I believe that is St. Rt. 741, straight south of Dayton Mall. If you're coming from WSU, take I-675 south to I-75, then on the first exit of I-75 (St. Rt. 73), turn left (East) towards Springboro. Then turn right (South) on Main Street (St. Rt. 741) at the downtown stoplight. Our house is 660, across the street from the elementary school. It is just past the first light on the left.

Parking should be available here or across the street at the elementary school or church.

More information regarding the LAN (including the start and approximate end times) will be posted here when it is determined.
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