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Last Big LAN Update

Alright, here's all you need to know for this weekend's LAN at Robot House (and if this post doesn't satisfy, reply to it with any further questions).

Looks like we're going to get started at Noon on Saturday, people will be coming in throughout the day I expect. Some have to work (Aaron and Andre W. won't be able to play much), and some may be leaving early. The LAN will last through Sunday evening (perhaps leading up to Adult Swim), or until all the visitors leave, whichever comes first.

The address for Robot House if you've never been is:
660 South Main Street
Springboro, OH 45066

You can Mapquest that, or follow these shoddy directions: coming south down Main Street (aka St. Rt. 725), we are past the historical area, on the left, across from the elementary school.

As it's a weekend you should be able to park across the street, in front of the elementary school, if our driveway is full. I wouldn't suggest you park in the church's parking lot if you plan on staying through Sunday morning (for obvious reasons).

From Robot House:
- Seth
- Jeremy
- Nate
- Aaron (some)
- Al (possibly?)
From Abroad:
- Skitch
- Tim
- Andre W. (some)
- James
- Stine
- Andrew W.'s friend Colin (and possibly more)
- Seth's friend from 2600 whose name escapes me
- Jeff (possibly?)

We'll probably play RTS games early on as we need less players for them. Since we've got a balance of about half action gamers and half strategy fans we'll start mixing a lot of action games in once we have enough people to play them. If we can get everyone Warcraft III we'll try to play it when both Andre W. and James are here as they specifically requested it.

- Warcraft III
- Command and Conquer: Generals
- Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
- Ghost Recon (we'll probably end up playing some of it by request, but we played so much of it at the last LAN I'm going to try to cut back on it in favor of trying other games)
- Unreal Tournament (original)
- Counter-Strike 1.6 (possibly?)

Have as many of these games as you can installed prior to the LAN, to save yourself some time. However, DO NOT INSTALL ANY PATCHES for any of these games, because I'm not sure what versions we'll be running at the LAN, and it's hard to rollback patches without reinstalling the game.

- Please keep non-essential power usage to a minimum (that includes lights, stereos, etc.), we're probably going to be pushing the power limits a bit (in that same vein, if you have any money to donate towards the power bill, it would be appreciated)
- Please keep internet bandwidth usage to a minimum as well (in our current setup, everyone will probably have access to the internet when they're hooked up, so please shut off any peer-to-peer programs you may be running when you're online)
- Noise should not be much of an issue to those outside the house, however, if people start going to sleep inside, please be somewhat mindful of that (note that this does NOT mean you have to stop talking, anyone who comes to a LAN expecting to catch a good night's sleep without the luxury of their own bedroom will probably be sorely disappointed)

The Obvious:
- Your computer (case, monitor, peripherals, headphones if you have them, speakers if you don't)
- Your cables (including the LONGEST CAT5 ethernet cable you own, so as to save us some trouble with arranging the setup)
- A power extension cord if you have one, to help us ease the setup
The Not-So-Obvious:
- Probably some money for food and/or beverages
- A sleeping bag if you're interested in sleeping, and don't want to risk not getting a couch
- A favorite desk chair if you have one, as we DO have spare chairs but they are flimsy, plastic, outdoor chairs that you won't want to LAN in for very long
- Most importantly, a lightweight desk or card table to set up on (we DO have places you can set up, but they are not what you would call "standard computing surfaces" and may be cramped, too high, too low, or not terribly sturdy), if it's a somewhat awkward thing to maneuver, we will be able to help you unload it and get it placed

So there you have it, that's all I've got for right now. If there's anything I missed, or anything you want to add, or just anything regarding the LAN in general that you'd like to talk about, reply to this post.
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